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Rental Cottages and Holiday Homes in Satakunta, Finland

Satakunta is full of treasures waiting for you. Wonderful natural scenery, taste experiences, relaxation, adventure and moments of silence.

Things to do in Satakunta

The heart of Satakunta is Pori, which is located on the west coast of Finland. The cottages of the Pori region offer spectacular views both inland and by the sea to travelers and holidaymakers, especially in summer. In the cottage you can even enjoy the wonderful beaches and events of Yyteri during the summer heat. Satakunta has many other things to see besides the seascape. For example, the well-known Old Town of Rauma is a fun day trip for renters. The famous medieval pilgrimage site of Köyliönjärvi is also located in Satakunta area. With Lomarengas you can easily rent a rental cabin in Satakunta, as Lomarengas has the widest selection of cottages. Discover and book!


Tuomaala, KokemäkiSatakunta

Star rating given by customers 4.1 (Based on 9 reviews)

8 persons, 220m2
5 bedrooms