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Holiday homes and rental cottages in Pirkanmaa

Pirkanmaa has vast waters and great views. There are plenty of wonderful rental cabins in the area. In the Pirkanmaa region you can really enjoy the tranquility of the countryside, the proximity of the water and the city. Pirkanmaa has many events near rental cottages. For example, the Old Literature Days are held once a year in Sastamala, bringing thousands of summer citizens to Pirkanmaa. No matter what cottage in Pirkanmaa you have, you can definitely have the best rental cottage in Pirkanmaa for you.

Things to do in Pirkanmaa

Tampere is in the heart of Pirkanmaa. For example, Särkänniemi amusement park is located in Tampere and it is easy to make a day trip from the rental cottage to Tampere. Many different events take place in Pirkanmaa during the summer. In winter, you can go skiing in Ellivuori or enjoy the scenery around the rental cottages.

Cottages in Pirkanmaa

Lomarengas has many different cottages in Pirkanmaa. Whether you are going to the cottage with a dog or a big group, there is an option for everyone from our wide selection. Among the holiday cottages you can choose between a modest wilderness cabin or a generous log cabin.


TEISKO, TamperePirkanmaa

Star rating given by customers 4.3 (Based on 76 reviews)

6 + 6 persons, 100m2
3 bedrooms